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Showtimes 1/2-8/2015 * Malverne Cinema & Bellmore Movies

December 31, 2014

Hi All:

The New Year is here and we’re holding onto everything but with subtle time changes. Here goes:

“The Imitation Game” Rated PG-13, 1 hour 53 minutes. Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) who led a brilliant team to crack Germany’s Enigma code during World War II. Co-starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode. The brilliant team of codebreakers broke this film into the #1 spot this past weekend! Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Friday & Saturday @ 1:20, 4:30, 7:15 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1:20, 4:30, 7:15 & 9:35

“Foxcatcher” Rated R, 2 hours 14 minutes. Starring Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum, Vanessa Redgrave, Sienna Miller and Anthony Michael Hall. Based on true events, telling the story of two brothers and the one brother’s quest to get out from under the other’s shadow. Distributed by Sony Classics.
Friday & Saturday @ 12pm, 3pm, 6pm & 9pm
Sunday @ 12pm, 3pm, 6pm & 8:45
Monday to Thursday @ 2pm, 4:45 & 7:30

“Wild” Rated R, 1 hour 55 minutes. Based on a true story of a young woman who ditches her troubled life to hike solo on the Pacific Crest Trail in Australia. Starring Reese Witherspoon. This film has received accolades everywhere. Distributed by Fox Searchlight films.
Friday & Saturday @ 1:45, 4:30, 7:15 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1:45, 4:30, 7:15 & 9:35

“The Theory Of Everything” Rated PG-13, 2 hours 3 minutes. The unbelievable story of our world-famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, played by Eddie Redmayne, based on the novel written by his love, played by Felicity Jones. Co-starring Emily Watson. Distributed by Focus Features.
Friday to Thursday @ 1:45 & 7:15

“Whiplash” Rated R, 1 hour 46 minutes. Andrew Neyman, played by Miles Teller of “Divergent” fame, is a young jazz drummer intent on becoming the greatest there is. His teacher, played by J.K. Simmons, is relentless in his pursuit to make him the best but that could either make him or break him. Co-starring Paul Reiser. Distributed by Sony Classics.
Friday & Saturday @ 4:30 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 4:30 & 9:35

“Birdman” Rated R, 1 hour 59 minutes. Starring Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. A former successful Hollywood superhero actor, now washed up, tries to revive his career and takes a big chance on mounting a Broadway play. Distributed by Fox Searchlight Films.
Friday & Saturday @ 1:45, 4:30, 7:15 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1:45, 4:30, 7:15 & 9:35

“Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” Rated PG, 81 minutes and brought to us by The Disney Corporation. Alexander starts his terrible day with gum in his hair and soon wonders if everyone else has very bad days. Starring Ed Oxenbould as Alexander, Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner as his parents and co-starring Megan Mullally.
Friday to Sunday @ 12pm daily

The next film scheduled for the NY Film Critics Series will be sometime this month. We’ll keep you in the loop about the bookings as soon as we know them. Log onto for more info about the series.

Award season is here! Let’s see what Pictures we’ve chosen to show make it to the Nominations.

This week at our Bellmore Movies we are proud to continue to offer “Wild” Rated R, 1 hour 55 minutes.
Friday & Saturday @ 1:30, 4pm, 7pm & 9:20
Sunday @ 4pm, 7pm & 9:20
Monday to Thursday @ 1:30, 4pm, 7pm & 9:20

Plaza Theatrical Productions is on our stage this weekend with “Frosty The Snowman” on Saturday, January 3rd @ 11am and on Sunday, January 4th @ 1pm.

For their next mainstage presentation, Plaza Theatrical Productions will be offering”Plaza Suite” scheduled for January 25th and February 1st.

For tickets to the children or mainstage programs please call 516-599-6870. For further information on their full lineup please log onto

On Sunday, January 11th @ 8pm we are proud to host “American Dating Catastrophes Vol. XIII” presented by MCAP. This is a fundraiser to help Mark D’Agostino who is in the fight of his life. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Please call 516-783-8863 or email for further information.

We wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!!