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Showtimes 4/17-23/2015 for Malverne Cinema, Bellmore Movies & North Shore Towers Cinema

April 15, 2015
This week we have one new film at Malverne and some changes for the Towers.  Here goes with this week’s schedule with Malverne Cinema first:
“True Story”  Rated R, 88 minutes.  Jonah Hill stars as a NY Times reporter who meets up with an accused killer played by James Franco.  Co-starring Gretchen Mol and Felicity Jones.  Distributed by Fox Searchlight.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:10, 5:40, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:10, 5:40 & 7:40
“Danny Collins”  Rated R, 1 hour 47 minutes.  Rockin’ family drama starring Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Plummer.  Danny, portrayed by Pacino, is a has-been living off his own coattails when he has an epiphany and starts to straighten out his life.  Distributed by Bleecker Street.
Friday & Saturday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 2pm, 4:30 & 7:20
“5 To 7”  Rated R, 97 minutes.  An unlikely couple can only meet between the hours of 5pm to 7pm to carry on their clandestine affair.  Starring Anton Yelchin as the young lover Brian and Bérénice Marlohe as the older lover (and married) Arielle.  Co-starring Frank Langella and Glenn Close.  Distributed by IFC Films.
Friday to Wednesday @ 2pm, 4:30 & 7pm
Thursday @ 2pm & 4:30 only
“While We’re Young”  Rated R, 94 minutes.  A new comedy/drama by Noah Baumbach that delivers an honest look at a childless couple in their 40s, played by Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts, who meet up with a younger couple with similar interests.  Co-starring Amanda Seyfried, Adam Driver and Charles Grodin.  Distributed by A24 Films.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:40, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:40 & 7:40
“Woman In Gold”  Rated PG-13, 1 hour 50 minutes.  Starring Helen Mirren as 60-year-old Maria Altmann who is searching for her family’s Nazi-seized possessions from when they fled Vienna during WWII.  Also starring Ryan Reynolds and Katie Holmes.  Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:30, 6pm, 8:15 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:30, 6pm & 8:15
The next film scheduled for the NY Film Critics Series will be “The Water Diviner” starring Russell Crowe showing this Thursday, April 23rd.  This film is Rated R with a running time of 1 hour 51 minutes.  Log onto for more info about the series.  Our pre-shows start @ 7pm and the film itself begins @ 7:30pm.  You can purchase tickets in advance on their website but there will be a convenience fee, or you can just purchase tickets at the box office the night of the screening.  Tickets for this advance screening are $18 per person.
Coming Soon to the Malverne Cinema:
4/24 – “Clouds Of Sils Maria” from IFC Films
5/01 – “Félix & Meira” from Oscilloscope Flms
5/08 – “Far From The Madding Crowd” from Fox Searchlight
5/08 – “5 Flights Up” from Focus Features
5/08 – “Iris” from Magnolia Pictures
5/15 – “In The Name Of My Daughter” from Cohen Media Group
5/22 – “I’ll See You In My Dreams” from Bleecker Street Media
6/05 – “Love And Mercy” from Roadside Attractions
As always, the dates are subject to change or being canceled.  If you have suggestions we’re always happy to hear the input of our email family.
At our North Shore Towers Cinema we are offering the following films:
“La Sapienza”  Unrated, 1 hour 41 minutes.  SUBTITLED; produced in both Italian and French.  An architect and his wife embark on a spiritual journey to invigorate their lives.  Along the way they meet another couple and their chance encounter changes all their lives.  The title translates to Wisdom.  Distributed by Kino Lorber Films.
Friday to Thursday @ 5:05 only
“Gett: The Trial Of Viviane Amsalem”  Unrated, 1 hour 55 minutes.  SUBTITLED; produced in French, Hebrew and Arabic.  An Israeli woman (Ronit Elkabetz) seeking to finalize her divorce from her cruel and manipulative husband finds herself effectively put on trial by her country’s religiously-based marriage laws.  Distributed by Music Box Films.
Friday to Thursday @ 2:30 & 7:40
Next week…on Saturday, April 25th @ 8pm we have a wonderful show planned called “My Name Is Barbra” starring Joni Lambert who embodies the famous Diva!  For more information and to purchase tickets please call 718-423-8394 and ask for Gary.  Seating is reserved.
The North Shore Towers Cinema is located in the center building – called Beaumont – of a trio of buildings you see off the Lakeville Road South Exit 25 off the Northern State Parkway.  It is located just a few hundred feet from the Nassau County border in Floral Park in Queens.
At our Bellmore Movies this week we continue with “Woman In Gold”  Rated PG-13, 1 hour 50 minutes.  Starring Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds and Katie Holmes. Distributed by The Weinstein Company
Friday & Saturday @ 3pm, 5:30 & 8pm
Sunday @ 5:30 & 7:45
Monday to Thursday @ 3pm, 5:30 & 7:45
Come join Plaza Theatrical Productions for their mainstage presentation of “Man Of La Mancha” for 3 consecutive Sundays on April 19th, April 26th and May 3rd @ 2pm.
For tickets to the mainstage or children’s programs please call 516-599-6870.  For further information on their full lineup please log onto
On Saturday, May 9th come and enjoy the comedy of Rob Bartlett and Tony Powell of the ‘Imus In The Morning’ radio show.  Their new routine is called “2 Funny Mothers” and it’s @ 8pm.  Doors open @ 7pm.  Tickets are $47 each and are available at our box office (cash only) or online through or you can call the promoter directly at 516-785-4234 and ask for Gary.  A different Gary than above!
 Save the dates for this year’s 18th Annual Long Island International Film Festival Expo which runs from July 8th-16th right here at our Bellmore Movies!!  For further information log onto  Come be an audience judge and help shape the careers of aspiring filmmakers!!
Have a wonderful week.  

Showtimes for 11/14-20/2014 * Malverne Cinema & Bellmore Movies

November 12, 2014
This week we have 1 new film at Malverne and Bellmore is still doing great with its film so it’s still holding!  Here goes with Malverne first:
“Rosewater”  Unrated, 1 hour 43 minutes.  Based on the NY Times best-selling memoir and Directed by first-time director Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show”.  Starring Gael García Bernal.  The story behind the 118-day captivity and torture of the Canadian broadcast journalist arrested for sending back video of the violence on the streets of Tehran during voting protests.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:35 & 9:30
“Elsa & Fred”  Rated PG-13, 1 hour 44 minutes.  Starring the wonderful Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer.  Co-starring Marcia Gay Harden, Chris Noth and Scott Bakula.  A late-in-life whirlwind romance with a little Fellini and “La Dolce Vita” thrown into the mix.  This was our #1 film last weekend, although not by a huge margin.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:35 & 9:30
“Whiplash”  Rated R, 1 hour 46 minutes.  Andrew Neyman, played by Miles Teller of “Divergent” fame, is a young jazz drummer intent on becoming the greatest there is.  His teacher, played by J.K. Simmons, is relentless in his pursuit to make him the best but that could either make him or break him.  Co-starring Paul Reiser whom we haven’t seen on the big or little screen in quite a while.
Friday & Saturday @ 2:15, 4:30, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 2:15, 4:30, 7pm & 9:30
“Laggies”  Rated R, 1 hour 40 minutes.  Starring Keira Knightley as literally a laggie, which is now thought to be someone with no direction or enthusiasm to get a job or grow up.  When her boyfriend proposes, she panics and hides at the home of her new young friend to figure out her life.  Co-starring Chloë Grace Moretz as her new young friend, Sam Rockwell, Gretchen Mol and comedian Jeff Garlin.
Friday & Saturday @ 4:30 & 9:45
Sunday to Monday & Wednesday & Thursday @ 4:30 & 9:30
Tuesday @ 9:30 only
“Birdman”  Rated R, 1 hour 59 minutes.  Starring Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Naomi Watts.  A former successful Hollywood superhero actor, now washed up, tries to revive his career and takes a big chance on mounting a Broadway play.  #2 this past weekend, inched out by “Elsa & Fred”.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:30
“My Old Lady”  Rated PG-13, 1 hour 46 minutes.  Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas star in this comedy with some dramatic undertones.  Imagine inheriting an apartment from your estranged father, but it’s not here…it’s in Paris!  And…when you get there you’ve also inherited a non-budging tenant who by Parisian law can collect rent from you!!
Friday to Monday & Wednesday & Thursday @ 2:15 & 7pm
Tuesday @ 7pm only
The next film scheduled for the NY Film Critics Series has not been nailed down yet but I’ll keep you posted.  Log onto for more info about the series.
Coming Soon to the Malverne Cinema:
11/21 – The Homesman” from Open road Films
11/21 – “The Theory Of Everything” from Focus Features
12/19 – “Foxcatcher” from Sony Pictures Classics
12/25 – “The Imitation Game” from The Weinstein Company
1/30/2015 – “Mr. Turner” also from Sony Pictures Classics
The above dates are subject to change.
This week at our Bellmore Movies we continue being proud to present “St. Vincent”  Rated PG-13, 1 hour 42 minutes.  This comedy stars Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts as a pregnant stripper.  Melissa plays a single mom raising her son in Brooklyn and she needs someone to watch him.  Unfortunately, the only one around is her neighbor (Bill Murray of course) who has a penchant for gambling and booze.  If you need a good laugh and some food for thought, this film has it all!!
Friday & Saturday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:15
Sunday to Thursday @ 2:10, 4:40 & 7:20
Plaza Theatrical Productions for children are back on our stage this weekend with Pinkalicious” on November 15th and again on the 22nd, 23rd & 29th.  Performance times are 11am on Saturdays and on Sunday, November 23rd @ 1pm.
For their mainstage presentation, Plaza Theatrical Productions will be offering “Plaza Suite” scheduled for January 25th and February 1st of 2015.
For tickets to the children or mainstage programs please call 516-599-6870.  For further information on their full lineup please log onto
On November 21st @ 8pm, Friend Entertainment and the Bellmore Movies are proud to present a live tribute concert – “Meat Loaf: All Revved Up!”.  Reserved seating only and tickets can be purchased by logging onto or by calling 631-698-9696.
Psychic Medium Robert Hansen is returning to our Malverne Cinema on Thursday, December 11th, but if you miss him you can catch him the following Thursday, December 18th at our Bellmore Movies.  His readings begin @ 7:30pm.  Tickets are now on sale.
Have a wonderful week.