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Showtimes May 5-13, 2014 * Malverne Cinema & Bellmore Movies

May 8, 2014

This week we have one new film at our Malverne and a change at our Bellmore. Here goes with Malverne first:

“Belle” Rated PG, 1 hour 43 minutes. Based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gubu Mbatha-Raw), the illegitimate mixed race daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode) yet raised by her great-uncle & aunt (Tom Wilkinson & Emily Watson). A beautiful period piece distributed by Fox Searchlight.
Friday & Saturday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 2:10, 4:40 & 7:30

“The German Doctor” Rated PG-13, 93 minutes. SUBTITLED produced in Spanish. The backdrop is 1960 in Patagonia and a family befriends a man who, unbeknownst to them, is being sought after by Israeli agents. Distributed by IDP Distribution.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30 & 7:40

“Fading Gigolo” Rated R, 90 minutes. A professional Don Juan (John Turturro, who also Directed) who also has a “manager” (Woody Allen). Also starring Sharon Stone, Sofía Vergara, Liev Schreiber, Bob Balaban, Aida Turturro, Michael Badalucco and David Margulies. Distributed by Millennium Films.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:35 & 7:40

“Walking With The Enemy” Rated PG-13, 2 hours 3 minutes. Inspired by a true story and set in Hungary in the final months of World War II. Starring Ben Kingsley and Jonas Armstrong. Distributed by Liberty Studios.
Friday to Thursday @ 1:40 & 7pm

“The Railway Man” Rated R, 1 hour 56 minutes. Starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. Based on the best-selling autobiography of Eric Lomax, a World War II Japanese labor camp survivor who years later has the opportunity to confront his captors and torturers. Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Friday & Saturday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 2:10, 4:40 & 7:30

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” Rated R, 1 hour 40 minutes. Wes Anderson is back…with a cast that is huge! Let me name a few: Ralph Fiennes, Tom Wilkinson, Bob Balaban, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Saoirse Ronan, F. Murray Abraham, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Jason Schwartzman, Jude Law and Owen Wilson. Literally a Grand Hotel is the backdrop and throw in some priceless art, some drama and some comedy. Distributed by Fox Searchlight.
Friday & Saturday @ 4:30 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 4:30 only

Coming Soon to the Malverne Cinema:
5/16 – “Ida” from Music Box Films (tentative booking)
5/16 – “Breastmilk” from Cavu Pictures (also tentative)
5/23 – “Chinese Puzzle” from Cohen Media Group
5/23 – “The Immigrant” from The Weinstein Company
6/06 – “Words And Pictures” from Roadside Attractions
6/13 – “Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon” also from The Weinstein Company
7/25 – “A Most Wanted Man” also from Roadside Attractions and one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last films
8/01 – “Boyhood” from IFC Films (also tentative)
The above dates are subject to change.

At our Bellmore Movies this week we are expanding the run of “Fading Gigolo” Rated R, 90 minutes.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm*, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:35
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:10, 5:30 & 7:40*
*Please note: the 1pm show on Saturday and the 7:40 show on Sunday will be Open Captioned for our deaf and hard of hearing friends.

Also this month, on the 18th – “The Brooklyn Bridge” honoring their beloved Johnny Maestro who would have turned 75 this year. Tickets may be obtained by calling Steve Dassa @ 516-776-3625.

The next Main Stage play from Plaza Theatrical Productions will be “Young Frankenstein” beginning June 8th. Tickets can be obtained by calling 516-599-6870 or log onto

Don’t forget – this July will be our 17th year hosting the Long Island International Film Festival Expo. Come make careers and history when you cast your vote for your favorite film. For further information on the festival log onto The lineup will be posted soon. The festival runs from July 9th – 17th with matinees and evening shows and in a few weeks tickets will be available online.

Have a wonderful Mother’s day week.

11/22-28/2013 Schedule Malverne Cinema & Bellmore Movies

November 21, 2013
Hi All:
Three new films this week at our Malverne Cinema and a new one for Bellmore. It’s a complicated schedule with midweek starts. Here goes:
“The Book Thief” Rated PG-13, 2 hours 11 minutes. Starring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie Nelisse as the spirited young book thief. The Back drop is WWII Germany and she is sent to live with foster parents.  Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.
Friday, Saturday & Wednesday, Thursday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Tuesday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:35
“Dallas Buyers Club” Rated R, 2 hours. Starring Matthew McConaughey as Texan Ron Woodroof, diagnosed as HIV+ (in the early epidemic years) and forced to find his own medicines while fighting the stigma of AIDS. Co-starring Jennifer Garner, Steve Zahn, Jared Leto and Griffin Dunne.  Distributed by Focus Features.
Friday, Saturday & Wednesday, Thursday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Tuesday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:35
“Blue Is The Warmest Color” Rated NC-17, 2 hours 59 minutes. SUBTITLED produced in French. A young girl seeks her first romantic sexual encounter. Explicit scenes in this one. Winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.  Distributed by IFC Films.
Friday & Saturday @ 1:05, 4:30 & 8:15
Sunday to Tuesday @ 1:05, 4:30 & 7:45

“12 Years A Slave” Rated R, 2 hours 14 minutes. A tense drama based on a true story of a free New Yorker kidnapped and sold into slavery in the 1800s. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor in the starring role and co-starring Brad Pitt, Paul Giamatti, Paul Dano, Alfre Woodard, Michael Fassbender and Sarah Paulson.  Distriubted by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Friday, Saturday & Wednesday, Thursday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Tuesday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:35
“Enough Said” Rated PG-13, 93 minutes. There’s only one more film in the pipeline after this one for the late James Gandolfini. Co-starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Catherine Keener and Toni Collette. An empty nest leads to romance in this enjoyable film.  Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.
Friday & Saturday @ 1:15, 3:30, 5:35, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Tuesday @ 1:15, 3:30, 5:35, 7:40 & 9:35
“Philomena” Rated PG-13, 1 hour 35 minutes. Starring Dame Judi Dench. A 2009 BBC investigative book is brought to the screen. When she was very young, Philomena had an out of wedlock child and her Irish Catholic family forced her to put him up for adoption and the baby was sent to the United States. Years later after moving on with her life she meets up with a BBC reporter and she tells him her story.  Distributed by the Weinstein Company.
Wednesday & Thursday @ 1:15, 3:30, 5:35, 7:40 & 9:45
“Nebraska” Rated R, 1 hour 55 minutes. One of my favorite Directors after Frank Capra is Alexander Payne who brought us “The Descendants” & “Sideways” and this time chose his home state to work in. Bruce Dern stars as an elderly man on the brink of Dementia receives a sweepstakes notice in the mail informing him he won one million dollars. He then sets out walking to a neighboring state to collect his winnings. Will Forte of SNL fame, June Squibb and Stacey Keach are his co-stars. Shot in Black & White.  Distributed by Paramount Vantage Pictures
Wednesay & Thursday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:45
Coming to the Malverne Cinema:
12/20 – “Inside Llewyn Davis” from CBS Films
1/10/2014 – “Foxcatcher” also from Sony Classics (2014 already!)
The above dates are subject to change, and we are working on other titles.
At our Bellmore Movies this week we continue to hold “About Time” Rated R, 2 hours 3 minutes. From the people who brought us “Notting Hill” and “Love Actually” comes this latest romance film with a twist of science fiction. Starring Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams, Tom Hughes and Lindsay Duncan.  Distributed by Universal Pictures.
Friday & Saturday @ 2:15*, 4:45, 7:15 & 9:30
Sunday to Tuesday @ 2:15, 4:45 & 7:30*
* Please note, the 2:15 showing on Saturday and the 7:30 showing on Sunday are both Open Captioned for our deaf and hard of hearing friends.
Starting on Wednesday 11/27 “The Book Thief” PG-13, 2 hours 11 minutes.
Wednesday @ 1:30, 4:15, 7pm & 9:30
Thursday @ 1:30, 7pm & 9:30 (notice the turkey break)
On Saturday, November 23rd @ 11am is “Rapunzel– a live play for the whole family brought to us by Plaza Theatrical Productions. Tickets are available by calling 516-599-6870 or logging onto
Join us again in January for their upcoming Mainstage production of “The Gin Game” on the 19th & the 26th @ 2pm.
On Saturday, December 14th @ 8pm “I’m Dreaming of a Black & White Christmas” The latest live comedy show from the warped minds of Rob Bartlett & Tony Powell of the Imus In The Morning Radio Show. Tickets available at our Bellmore Box office or by calling 516-785-4234 (ask for Gary) or log onto
Psychic Medium Robert Hansen will be back at our Malverne Cinema on Tuesday, December 10th & at our Bellmore Movies on Thursday, December 19th. Doors open @ 7pm and his readings begin @ 7:30. Tickets now on sale at our box offices. Admission is $30 per person. Tissues not included.
Have a wonderful Turkey week.


Malverne Cinema & Art Center 1/21-27/2011

January 20, 2011
“Another Year”  Rated PG-13, 2 hours 9 minutes.  Starring Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville.  Directed by Mike Leigh who directed “Vera Drake”, “Secrets & Lies” and “Topsy-Turvy”, all successful films at the Malverne Cinema.  Four seasons for a married couple in their autumn years.  Their visitors all have an unhappy side.  Billed as a Comedy/Drama.  Distributed by Sony Classics.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7:10 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1:30, 4:30 & 7:30
“The King’s Speech”  Rated R, 1 hour 58 minutes.  Starring Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter.  Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Friday & Saturday @ 12 noon, 2pm, 2:30, 4:30, 5:10, 7:30, 9:05 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 12 noon, 2pm, 2:30, 4:30, 5:10 & 7:30
“Black Swan”  Rated R, 1 hour 48 minutes.  Starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.  Distributed by Fox Searchlight Films.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30 & 7:40
“Blue Valentine”  Rated R, 1 hour 52 minutes.  Starring Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling and Malverne’s own Faith Wladyka.  Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Friday & Saturday @ 12 noon, 2:10, 4:30, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 12 noon, 2:10, 4:45 & 7:30
“Somewhere”  Rated R, 98 minutes.  Directed by Sofia Coppola.  Starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning.  Distributed by Focus Features.
Friday to Thursday @ 12 noon and 7pm
Over at our Bellmore Movies we continue to hold “The King’s Speech” and have 2 live shows.  On Saturday @ 11am “Beauty & The Beast”.  On Sunday @ 2pm “It Had To Be You”.  Both these live shows are brought to us via Plaza Productions.  Ticketing information please call 516-599-6870.
Have a great week!