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Showtimes 10/31-11/6/2014 * Malverne Cinema & Bellmore Movies

October 30, 2014

This week we have 4 new films at Malverne and Bellmore is doing gangbusters with its new film so it’s holding!! Here goes with Malverne first:

“Birdman” Rated R, 1 hour 59 minutes. Starring Micheal Keaton, Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. A former successful Hollywood superhero actor, now washed up, tries to revive his career and takes a big chance on mounting a Broadway play. We only had room for one screen for this film. Distributed by Fox Searchlight.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:35

“Before I Go To Sleep” Rated R, 1 hour 32 minutes. This suspense thriller stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth as a married couple dealing with memory loss and other marital issues. Distributed by Freestyle Releasing.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:35

“Citizenfour” Rated R, 1 hour 56 minutes. This compelling documentary tells the story of Edward Snowden with actual footage of interviews and why he became the biggest leaker of information the US has ever had. Decide for yourselves – is he a patriot or a traitor?? Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:35

“Force Majeure” Rated R, 1 hour 58 minutes. SUBTITLED produced in Swedish. A legal term used as the title. A family goes on a much needed skiing vacation. What starts out as a normal day ends with a horrific avalanche. The cinematography in this film will blow you away!! Distributed by Magnolia Films.
Friday & Saturday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:45
Sunday to Thursday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:35

“Listen Up Philip” Unrated, 1 hour 49 minutes. Starring Jason Schwartzman, Elisabeth Moss and Jonathan Pryce. A novelist seeks solace while awaiting the publication of his second novel. Distributed by The Cohen Media Group.
Friday & Saturday @ 4:30 & 9:45
Sunday & Monday @ 4:30 & 9:35
Tuesday @ 4:30 only
Wednesday & Thursday @ 4:30 & 9:35

“My Old Lady” Rated PG-13, 1 hour 46 minutes. Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas star in this comedy with some dramatic undertones. Imagine inheriting an apartment from your estranged father, but it’s not here…it’s in Paris! And…when you get there you’ve also inherited a non-budging tenant who by Parisian law can collect rent from you!! Distributed by Tribecca Films.
Friday to Monday @ 2:15 & 7pm
Tuesday @ 2:15 only
Wednesday & Thursday @ 2:15 & 7pm

The next film scheduled for the NY Film Critics Series is “Elsa & Fred” this Tuesday, November 4th @ 7pm. Tickets go on sale Friday. Log onto for more info.

Coming Soon to the Malverne Cinema:
11/07 – “Whiplash” from Sony Pictures Classics
11/07 – “Elsa & Fred” from Millennium Entertainment
11/14 – “Rosewater” from Open Road Entertainment
11/21 – “The Theory Of Everything” from Focus Features
12/19 – “Foxcatcher” also from Sony Pictures Classics
12/25 – “The Imitation Game” from The Weinstein Company
1/30/2015 – “Mr. Turner” also from Sony Pictures Classics
The above dates are subject to change.

This week at our Bellmore Movies for a second week we are proud to present “St. Vincent” Rated PG-13, 1 hour 42 minutes. This comedy stars Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts as a pregnant stripper. Melissa plays a single mom raising her son in Brooklyn and she needs someone to watch him. Unfortunately, the only one around is her neighbor (Bill Murray of course) who has a penchant for gambling and booze. If you need a good laugh, this film is it!! Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Friday & Saturday @ 2pm*, 4:30, 7pm & 9:20
Sunday @ 5:15, 7:15* & 9:15
Monday to Thursday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:10
*Please note: the 2pm show on Saturday and the 7:15 show on Sunday are OPEN CAPTIONED for our deaf and hard of hearing friends.

Plaza Theatrical Productions children shows are back at Bellmore this Saturday, November 1st with “The Littlest Witch” @ 11am. Come in costume for added fun!!

“Pinkalicious” follows, with performances on November 15th, 22nd, 23rd & 29th. Performance times are 11am on Saturdays and on Sunday, November 23rd @ 1pm.

For the first mainstage presentation from Plaza Theatrical Productions for the new season, come dance the Charleston with “Thoroughly Modern Millie” @ 2pm on Sundays, November 2nd & 9th.

Their next mainstage show will be “Plaza Suite” scheduled for January 25th and February 1st of 2015.

For tickets to the children or mainstage programs please call 516-599-6870. For further information on their full lineup please log onto

Psychic Medium Robert Hansen is returning to our Malverne Cinema on Thursday, December 11th, but if you miss him you can catch him the following Thursday, December 18th at our Bellmore Movies. His readings begin @ 7:30pm. Tickets are now on sale.

Showtimes for 12/21-27/2012 Malverne Cinema & Bellmore Movies

December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

Our last schedule for this year and it’s a complicated one with Christmas Day openings:

Hyde Park On Hudson” Rated R, 1 hour 35 minutes. Starring Bill Murray as FDR and Laura Linneyas his mistress, Daisy. June, 1939 and the British Royals are making their first ever trip to America to discuss the situation in Europe. Hyde Park, New York is the backdrop of this fascinating time in our history.  Distributed by Focus Features.

Friday to Sunday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:55
Monday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30 & 7:40
Tuesday to Thursday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:55
“Flight” Rated R, 2 hours 19 minutes. Starring Denzel Washington as a pilot who miraculously lands a plane, averting a major airline catastrophe. We later learn there is more to the story. Co-starring John Goodman, Melissa Leo and Don Cheadle.  Distributed by Paramount PIctures.
Friday to Sunday @ 3pm, 6pm & 9pm
Monday @ 3pm & 6pm
Tuesday to Thursday @ 4:10, 7pm & 9:45
“The Fitzgerald Family Christmas” Unrated, 99 minutes. The story of an Irish family coming together for the holidays. Starring Edward Burns, Ed Lauter, Kerry Bishé, Anita Gillette, Joyce Van Patten and Michael McGlone & Connie Britton who were both from the cast of “The Brothers McMullen”.  Distributed by Tribecca Films.
Friday @ 4:30 & 9:55
Saturday & Sunday @ 12 noon, 4:30 & 9:55
Monday @ 12 noon & 4:30 (its last day! Try not to miss it!!)
“Hitchcock” Rated PG-13, 97 minutes. The film takes place during the making of “Psycho”, one of the many notable films directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Anthony Hopkins stars as the great man himself and Helen Mirren as his wife, Alma Reville. Co-stars include Scarlett Johansson and Toni Collette.  Distributed by Fox Searchlight Films.
Friday to Monday @ 2:10 & 7pm
Tuesday to Thursday @ 12 noon, 4:45 & 9:45
“Anna Karenina” Rated R, 2 hours 10 minutes. The latest adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law.  Distributed by Focus Features.
Friday to Sunday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:55
Monday @ 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Tuesday to Thursday @ 2pm & 7pm
“The Other Son” Rated PG-13, 1 hour 45 minutes. SUBTITLED produced in French, Hebrew, Arabic and English. Two babies switched at birth during the Gulf War hospital evacuations. One went home to an Israeli family and the other to a Palestinian family. During routine blood work for mandatory military service, the switch is discovered and turns their lives upside down.  Distributed by Cohen Media.
Friday to Sunday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30, 7:40 & 9:55
Monday @ 1pm, 3:15, 5:30 & 7:40
Tuesday to Thursday @ 2pm only
“Rise Of The Guardians” Rated PG, 97 minutes. Animated family film.  Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Saturday to Monday @ 12:45
Tuesday to Thursday @ 12 noon
“Lincoln” Rated PG-13, 2 hours 30 minutes. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis as our 16th President in his final days. Co-starring David Strathairn, James Spader, Hal Holbrook, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Sally Field. (I like her, I really like her!!)  Distributed by Dreamworks.
Starting Christmas Day:
Tuesday to Thursday @ 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm & 9pm
“Silver Linings Playbook” Rated R, 2 hours 2 minutes. Starring Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro and Jennifer Lawrence.  A down on his luck fellow is forced to move back in with his parents after his marriage falls apart and he loses his job. He meets a sort of mystery girl and his life takes on new meaning.  Distributed by The Weinstein Company.
Starting Christmas Day:
Tuesday to Thursday @ 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9:45
At our Bellmore Movies we continue to have “Argo” up to and including Christmas Eve.  Rated R, 2 hours. Based on actual events in the late ’70s during the Iran hostage crisis and a rescue attempt made by an ambitious pretend filmmaker played by Ben Affleck. Co-stars include Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Victor Garber and Bryan Cranston.  Distributed by Warner Brothers.
Friday to Sunday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:20
Monday @ 2pm, 4:30 & 7:10
Beginning Christmas Day we have “Silver Linings Playbook” Rated R, 2 hours 2 minutes.
Tuesday to Thursday @ 2pm, 4:30, 7pm & 9:20
Plaza Theatrical is back at our Bellmore Movies with “A Fairy Tale Winter” with one performance left on December 22nd @ 11am. “Blues Clues Live!” starts on December 27th and runs through the holiday break. For information regarding either of these two shows or their upcoming Main Stage production of “I Ought To Be In Pictures” in January, please call 516-599-6870 or log onto